Artist Bio

“I grew up in a museum.”

paradoxart was founded in 1998 by Terence Sebastian Dubreuil (pronounced do-bray).

He attended the Architectural Program at The New York Institute of Technology, and later studied various hot and cold glass working techniques at Pilchuck (Washington), Penland School of Craft (North Carolina), Urban Glass (NYC) and Parsons School of Design (NYC).

At a young age Terence was encouraged by his mother to draw and by his father to make his own toys; boats, planes, tree houses.  He spent many summers traveling throughout Europe with his parents collecting art for their gallery in New York.  These early childhood experiences instilled in him an appreciation and critical eye for aesthetic objects that would later serve him well studying art and architecture.  Terence is proficient in many fabrication techniques: metal working, glass blowing, furniture making, stone working, carving, mold making and casting.

“I would like my work to not only be visually explored but to also be a tactile experience.

Some of my biggest fans are the visually impaired and little children with no inhibitions about touching everything they see.  The process is very visceral and satisfying to me and I want to convey those feelings to the ‘viewer’.” TSD

In over a decade paradoxart has developed a truly unique line of art furniture, home accessories and sculpture combining the brilliance of cast glass with worn concrete, weathered wood, stone and metal.  The pieces incorporate simple archetypal forms and geometry from varied places and ages.

Thank you for supporting American craft.